Renting a Motorcycle from an agency

How do I know it's an agent?
There are no international brands of motorcycle renters in the image of Hertz. So when you get on the web and see motorcycle rentals being done on an international basis then it almost 100% guaranteed that it will be a booking agency doing this.

There are a few national chains - but at the time of writing NO international ones.

What does this mean - that unless you see an address on the site for where you will pick up the bike then you are booking through an agent.

Why does this matter?
In terms of price - no problem - an agent takes their commission from the organisation who rents you the bike.
There can be a slight delay in repsonse.
Perhaps the biggest difference in dealing with renters direct is the knowledge of:
  • Motorcycling
  • The Bikes
  • The area to be toured
I have dealt with one organisation where the individuals had not travelled to Europe and had never sat on a motorcycle. It was a frustrating experience for both client and agency staff.
And a very frustrating one for me as I was perpetually answering petty questions and dealing with clients third hand.

The one benefit with dealing with any agent is that the first sniff of trouble and we drop the agency concerned!

As far as my agency goes - not only do I know the area and the bikes but I know the guys I deal with very well.


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