Motorcycle Rental Contracts part 2 inclusions & exclusions

Motorcycle Rental - Contract Inclusions/Exclusions

  • Gas/Petrol: your own expense.
  • Coolant / Engine Oil: included in our price. Please note: For rentals over 800 KM - you are responsible for topping up the engine and paying for the Coolant and Oil. There is a 100 Euro Penalty for bringing in Motorcycles with the Oil or coolant under the minimum.
  • Tires - normal wear and tear included. Clear cases of tire abuse (evidence of burns etc) not included. Punctures repaired at Hirer's expense.
  • Helmets included
  • Note: Due to circumstances beyond our control we may have to substitute motorcycles at no warning!

There are some clear messages in this section - the first is - take the time to acquaint yourself with the bike. Where the fluids are - how to top them up and so on. Knowing how the tires are pumped up and what the pressures are is important. I have had customers hire bikes from me who had no idea of how to do this! As a result I also had bikes being brought back in quite a state.

Punctures being repaired at hirer's expense is quite normal - so don't be put off by that.

Likewise the Motorcycle substititution clause that is quite normal.

In this section of the contract quite often there is a Battery Replacement clause. I seriously do not recommend hiring from people who make the customer responsible for battery failure - find somewhere else - or get them to strike the clause!

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