Motorycle Rental Contracts Part 1 - Licences

This article deals with the simplest part of your contract - presenting your licence.
Typically in most contracts you will see something as follows:


  • You must present your driving licence and any other required documentation before rental is effective. Failure to do so will be considered a cancellation without notice.

  • You must have held some kind of licence for 2 years prior to hiring from us - like a car licence - even if you got your motorcycle licence last week.

  • Motorcycle Rental Insurance and Driving Entitlement
    Minimum age: > 34 BHP 21 years Old, <34>

Of all of these clauses the first one in bold is the most important. Make sure you bring all your documents and all parts of your licence for your hire - and don't forget your ID! And don't lie about what you can drive.

Check you whether you need an international licence and then get one!

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Pirelli Motorcycle Tires said...

Thanks for this information sure helps a lot to know what is needed in case I need to hire a bike. The contract is fair and good. No one will mess up the motorcycles with these set of rules.